• My Desk is a project that I completed in the winter of 2012-2013. I built my desk out of galvanized steel pipes and an oak countertop.
  • Jekyll SEO Gem A gem that allows users to check SEO on Jekyll based sites or blogs. Documentation and issues on the GitHub repo.
  • _animate.scss an SCSS port of Dan Eden’s animate.css. It uses silent SCSS @extend s, so only the animations you use get printed to your compiled CSS file.
  • Jekyll Framer Studio Template is a Jekyll template for publishing Framer Studio projects on the web. Drop in your file, images/ and imported/ directories and this dude will do the rest.

Sites & Apps

  • Tab Lab is an online tool for publishing and collaborating on guitar and bass tablature.
  • Armitage & McMillan is a men’s clothing and lifestyle shop with a storefront located in the Lower Highlands (LoHi) neighborhood of Denver, CO.


  • Quirks & Compulsions is a podcast about overanalyzing the overlooked. Myself, Anothony Colangelo and Aura Seltzer discuss our obsessions with life’s minutiae.
  • HTML Prototyping is an online video course that I produced for Mijingo. This course covers how to use Zurb’s Foundation framework to quickly create responsive prototypes in the browser.


  • A.M. Mills “Fans of the late, great Blood Feathers (or, if you are a truly old head, Aspera) may have recognized the sweet, dulcet Petty-ish tones of one Drew Mills opening up last night’s sold-out War On Drugs show at Union Transfer. And indeed, that was he, resurfacing for his first gig under the moniker A.M. Mills, with the above track going online this morning.” -Philebrity
  • See the About section for my full discography.