A Little About Me

I’m happiest when I’m bringing things to life. At Happy Cog, I work as a Senior Designer where I research, strategize, design, and build for the web. My weekends are filled with side projects, music making, motorcycle riding repair, and backyard hanging. All of this goes down in Philadelphia, which I call my home.

Photo of Patrick Marsceill

My Musical Background

I grew up playing music. When I was seven years old I started taking piano lessons, which soon gave way to bass and drum lessons. From the time I was a teenager I played drums and sang in bands, dreaming of making a career out of it. In 2003 until 2012, I toured around the United States and Canada in between freelance jobs and on vacation days. Here are some of the records I worked on during that time:

My Professional Background

I usually spend my weekdays working at Happy Cog’s office in the Philadelphia Building. There, I practice graphic design, UX design, general design stategy, and various types of development ranging from iOS to front-end. I work with a myriad of clients as well as the internal product team.

Ocassionally, I take on freelance work. I am specifically interested in working with artists or small businesses that make or sell goods locally. If you’d like to discuss an opportunity, please email me.

About This Site

I designed and built this site because I wanted an outlet to share the things I’m working on or thinking about. It runs on Jekyll, the headings are set in Grilli Type’s GT Walsheim and the body in Exljbris’s Calluna. All iconography and illustration was designed by me.

Questions, Comments, Hate Mail?

Just email me.

Otherwise, you can find me posting stuff on: